Oil – Gas – Electric?



Which is right for you?



Which Model Is Right For You?

There is a lot to consider before you choose your perfect AGA. We are here to help you through the process.

Which fuel type you have access to at the property where the Aga cooker is to be situated.

Do you have natural gas available?

If  so, then a gas conventional, balanced or power flue model is the best option for you. Natural gas is one of the most cost effective fuel options.

The flue type is dependent on where the cooker will be situated in your kitchen:

Conventional Flue – this flue type is ideal if you have an existing, lined chimney.

Balanced Flue – works well if you a placing the cooker against an outside wall (please note, we must be mindful of any windows in the near vicinity.)

Power Flue – this flue type offers you more flexibility as the flue pipe, which is only 2 inches in diameter, can be plumbed for up to 6 meters to reach an outside wall. This conveniently allows you to site the cooker almost anywhere in the kitchen.

If you have LPG, this can also be considered however, this is the most expensive fuel type.

Do you have oil available?

If you have oil but not natural gas at the property, then an oil fired Aga cooker would be a good option to consider. This model will require a chimney as it has a conventional flue.

You may also consider using electricity.

If you have neither gas or oil available, an electric Aga cooker would suit you best.

Electric Aga cookers can be ventilated into the room as they do not produce any noxious gases. The venting on an electric model is purely to allow steam to escape from the ovens. This too, allows you greater flexibility when choosing where to position the cooker.

An electric Aga cooker is also more controllable, enabling you to regulate your fuel consumption. There are several electric options available, including traditional 13Amp, Total Control and Dual Control models.

How many ovens do you need?

This will come down to your own personal preference but you also need to consider the space you have available and how many people you intend to cook for.


Should you opt for an additional module?


An Aga cooker module is designed to work alongside but completely independently of your main Aga cooker. There are 2 module options available.
An integrated module ‘bolts-on’ to the main cooker.
The freestanding module can be situated anywhere in the kitchen – it can stand alone or within a run of kitchen units.
Both module types have 2 electric ovens, one with separate grill element, the other fan assisted. There is also the choice of either 4 ring gas hob or all-electric ceramic hob available.

What colours can I have?

Colour preference is very individual. We have a wide range of enamel colours to choose from – something for every taste and to suit every kitchen.

servicing requirements

Gas fired Aga cookers should have an annual service carried out by a Gas Safe engineer, something Purr can of course help you with.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Oil fired models will need servicing on a frequent basis. Every 6 months is a good plan
to keep the oven at it’s best.


Qualified engineers

Electric cookers burn cleanly and don’t need servicing as often but it is important an Aga trained engineer checks the cooker over every year or two. 

The Choice is yours. We are here to make it happen.

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